GINZA SIX 「into hope」

GINZA SIXでは新型コロナウイルスのための店舗休業後の営業再開に伴い、6月1日から、edenworksを主宰するフラワークリエイター篠崎恵美さんによるインスタレーション“Into hope”を展示しました。

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展示場所: 1F中央通りエントランス(4丁目側、7丁目側)、2Fインフォメーション

Art Direction: Pranks Inc.

To coincide with GINZA SIX reopening its doors, we have three installation artworks on display by Megumi Shinozaki, the flower artist behind Edenworks. Titled “Into hope,” the hybrid sea lavender is about “individuals working together to get our regular lives back.” She is committed to addressing flower waste. “Into hope” is designed so that the flowers gradually turn into dried flowers over time.

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Her work was on display at both 1F entrances along Chuo-dori, Ginza’s main shopping street, and at the information desk on 2F.

GINZA SIX   「into hope」GINZA SIX   「into hope」GINZA SIX   「into hope」GINZA SIX   「into hope」